Non-woven shoe cover machine

Non-woven shoe cover machine

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The equipment adopts ultrasonic heat sealing mode, frequency conversion speed regulation, production of non-woven materials and plastic disposable dust-proof strip cap, from feeding to finished products to complete the integrated production

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Non-woven shoe covers manufacturing machine is to meet the family, office, the clean room, dust-free workshop and the field and the birth of a new high efficient equipment, our company in the field of the disposable protective equipment production equipment has 20 years of experience in production and sales, is now the company has two invention patents, utility model patents 10, is currently in the domestic industry leading level.

Disposable non-woven fabric shoe cover USES: for the latest environmental protection materials, favored by customers, non-woven fabric shoe cover itself has the function of anti-static, non-woven fabric printing shoe cover, but also anti-slip, strong practicality, elegant, can be printed company logo, to achieve good publicity effect and brand influence.

Technical parameters:

Machine dimension 1600mm*1800mm*1400mm
The packing size 1630mm*1830mm*1430mm
Speed 130~160Unit / min
Voltage 220v/380v  220v-50~60HZ
Power consumption 3.8kw
Equipment weight 850kg
The finished product size 400*160mm
The materials used rubber band, non-woven fabric


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