Mask bag packing machine-mask packing machine-face mask packing machine-automatic medical mask packaging machine

Mask bag packing machine-mask packing machine-face mask packing machine-automatic medical mask packaging machine

Short Description:

Type: Multi-Function Packaging Machine Packaging Material: Paper Packaging Type: Cartons Function: FILLING, Wrapping, Labeling, Sealing Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant After Warranty Service: Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts Condition: New Application: MEDICAL Automati

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Product introduction

The machine is specially designed for sealing and exhaust packing, with film feeding mechanism, high speed and stable operation

It avoids the secondary pollution of the product in the packaging process. The whole machine is compact, generous and safe. It is the preferred equipment for medical device packaging at present. It can empty the air in the bag under the condition of ensuring the sealing, so as to prevent the secondary pollution of the product!

Product advantages:

With the original control system, 80% of the spare parts of the whole machine assembled by the original factory are produced by ourselves. Compared with other domestic similar products, the product quality is more intelligent, the packaging precision is higher, the adjustable range is wider, the control is more accurate, the scrap rate is lower and the stability is better. Thanks to the world’s leading fully open box structure, the transmission structure is clear at a glance, and the maintenance is more convenient!

Technical specifications and parameters

Equipment name Bag packing machine
Packaging materials and specifications Suitable for all kinds of 0PP heat sealing film, composite film and aluminum plastic composite film
Model specification 4200*1200*1500
speed 150-220pcs/min
Non woven fabric width 80-260mm
Rated voltage AC220v.2.5KW
Noise(dB) Low noise.60-70dB
Weight(Kg) 780Kg

Motor frequency modulation capability


Automatic control ability of production process

Automatic folding, packaging, coding, exhaust

Meet the standard specifications

GMP standard, packaging machine enterprise standard

Pass quality certification

Passed ISO9001:2000 quality system certification

Commitment to customers

One year warranty, lifetime service (only charge the cost of parts)

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