High speed elastic ear band mask machine 1000pcs per min-high speed mask machine-surgical mask packing machine

High speed elastic ear band mask machine 1000pcs per min-high speed mask machine-surgical mask packing machine

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Quick Details Production Capacity: 1000pcs/min Voltage: 380V Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant After Warranty Service: Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts Condition: New Automatic Grade: Automatic Brand Name: ICT Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China Power: 65KW

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The Main Technical Parameters:

1. Products and specifications: Adult or baby mask products with elastic ear bands (Please see the product details for the dimensions)

2. The variety and structure of products (Please see product picture for details) Inner non-woven fabric, melt blown non-woven fabric, outer non-woven fabric and elastic ear band

3. Installed power (excluding air compressor): about 70KW (the actual design shall prevail)

4. Designed speed: 1000 pieces per minute; Speed of acceptance: 900 pieces per minute

5. Qualification rate: ≥97% (The ratio of the output of qualified products to the total output, with a statistical period of eight hours.)

6.Start-up rate: ≥85%

7.Required power supply: 380V; 50Hz three-phase four-wire and ground wire

8.Required gas supply: 0.6-0.8Mpa; 1 cube per minute (Prepared by the buyer)

9.Weight of the machine: about 10 tons

10.Floor space of equipment (meter): 13 × 6 × 3 (length × width × height) ( the actual design shall prevail)

Structure and Layout of the Equipment:

1. Modular structure of the rack: the wall board adopts the thickness of 20mm after processing; the fixing between the racks is fixed by screws (the operating surface is made of stainless steel)

2.The fan of the equipment is placed at the rear of the equipment, which is connected with the main air duct of the equipment through metal pipes (The specific layout shall be subject to confirmation)

Mechanical Configuration Performance of the Equipment:

1. Application device of nasal bridge line

2.Tri-folding device of mask body

3.Non-woven fabric folding device

(1) The non-woven fabric enters into the embossing suture device on both sides after folding

4.Closure and suture device of mask body

(1) The peripheral seal is used to ensure the bonding strength of the composite material, with pneumatic pressure

(2) Cylinder pressurization, and the manual pressure regulating valve is used to adjust the pressure 。 Screw type wedge block structure is convenient to adjust the gap between the upper and lower roller bodies. When the machine is started, it will automatically press down and lift up when the machine is stopped

(3) The upper and lower rollers shall be heated, and the temperature is controlled by separate temperature controllers.

5. Traction wheel

(1)Equipped with cylinder lifting function

6. Ear band folding machine

(1)After folding, the ear band passes through the pressing point and then enters the slitting device

7. Elastic ear band applying device

(1)The cutter adopts scraping mode

(2)The material of cutter bottom roll is high-speed steel

(3)Fixed with hot melt adhesive and then heated and sewn by mold to ensure the tension of ear belt

8. Terminal cutting device

(1)The mechanism is a knife box type, equipped with manual phase adjustment function, which can adjust the phase.

(2)The cutter is made of high-speed steel and equipped with cutter lubrication device

9. Conveyor for Finished products

(1)The length of the conveyor is 2.5 meters.

(2)The conveyor has the function of separation

10.Uncoiling, material changing and tension control system

(1)The main raw materials adopt two motors to drive two air expansion shaft material racks to uncoil and frequency conversion control respectively, constant tension unwind and realize automatic splicing. The system can be used in automatic or manual button mode, and can adjust the uncoiling direction of materials clockwise or anticlockwise in the touch screen.

(2)Four kinds of raw materials adopt constant tension center unwinding and realize zero speed splicing (automatic and manual button mode): outer layer non-woven fabric, middle layer melt blown fabric, inner layer non-woven fabric, elastic ear band.

(3)The nose line adopts passive uncoiler and common material rack

(4)The speed compensation data of each uncoiler system is modified and adjusted on the touch screen.

(5) The roll diameter of raw material splicing can be precisely adjusted to save raw materials.

(6) The automatic material change and receiving button is installed on the material change and receiving mechanism for easy operation.

11. Rectifying and guiding system:

(1) Equipment is equipped with 4 sets of correctors.

(2) Distribution locations are: outer non-woven fabric, middle melt blown fabric, inner non-woven fabric, elastic ear bands.

(3) The function and operation adjustment of the system are described in detail in the manual of the corrector.

12. Conveying and transmission components:

(1) The transmission is a combination of negative pressure air scoop and perforated belt, through which the product moves on the perforated belt. Each negative pressure air scoop is equipped with a separate valve, which can adjust the negative pressure

(2) The transmission adopts servo motor, synchronous wheel and synchronous belt.

(3) The main parts of the synchronous belt are tensioned by means of the tensioning wheel

13. Wind path

(1)The main air duct of the whole machine adopts metal pipe to reduce the generation of static electricity.

(2)The connection between each station and the main pipeline adopts a hose and is equipped with an independent valve for negative pressure adjustment.

14.Gas path

(1) Oil-water separator is provided at the inlet of the main gas source, and a valve is provided at the outlet for drainage.

(2) Quick-plug joints is used for each branch gas path and each use station, and flexible high-pressure resistant gas pipe is connected.

(3) The air cylinder of the station is set with a control switch nearby.

(4) Every barometer has an obvious barometer function indication.

Safety Protection

1. Metal protective door and emergency stop cable (lifeline) are equipped on the drive side (back) of the equipment.

2.Safety door (equipped with emergency stop cable) combined with aluminum profile and plexiglass is equipped on the operation side of the equipment.

3. A reminder bell button and speed up and down buttons are equipped.

4. The start indicator is installed on the top of the device to improve safety.

5. Each electric control button box is equipped with an emergency stop switch, which can be distributed nearby with a moderate height according to needs.

6. Each dangerous part of the equipment is equipped with safety protection measures (safety protection plates) and danger signs.

7. Maintenance side lights are installed on the drive side, and fluorescent lamps are installed on the electric control cabinet.

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