Elastic Ear Band Mask Machine-V8 for adult only

Elastic Ear Band Mask Machine-V8 for adult only

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Quick Details Mask types: Flat Mask Material: Non-woven Fabrics Production Capacity: 300 pcs/min Voltage: 220V Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant After Warranty Service: Online support, Spare parts, Video technical support Condition: New Automatic Grade: Full-automatic Brand Name: ICT

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Equipment installation and configuration requirements

Name Elastic Ear Band Mask Machine-V8
Model SK-YL071 Operate Touch Screen and PLC
Mask Layer 3/4 Material Aluminium
Mask Type Earloop Flat Power 18kw
Nose bar 115mm Voltage AC220V/50Hz
Earloop tape 20x200mm/20*185mm Weight 1000 kg
Speed 0-300 pcs/min Dimension 500L*180H*100W cm
Langue English/Chinese Date 2020/6/17
Ultrasonic One is mask body ply, one for earloop bonding

Applicable specifications

1-ply    195mm nonwoven mouth                                                                                         image001
2-ply    175mm meltblown                                                                                                      image002
3-ply    175mm nonwoven blue color                                                                                      image003
4-earloop Horizontal elastic non- woven fabric 200mm wide,60g/ 185mm,100g                        image004
5-Polypropylene+ galvanized iron wire,1*3mm                                                                image005


Production specification:

Standard Type: 175 * 95mm

Production capacity of the equipment:

(1) Production efficiency: 200-300ppm;

(2) Qualified rate of equipment production: 99% (except when the incoming materials do not meet the requirements and improper operation of employees), except for exceeding the stable value.

(3) Equipment failure rate: 2% (refers to the fault caused by the equipment itself)

Equipment acceptance

1. After the installation and commissioning of the supplier is completed, the Demander shall be informed 5 days before delivery, and the supplier shall provide qualified materials, and the Demander shall arrange technicians to come to the supplier’s site for acceptance according to the technical agreement. After the acceptance is qualified, both parties shall sign a qualification report and the supplier shall deliver the goods;

2. The materials used for acceptance test shall meet the requirements of this agreement;

3. The engineering and technical personnel designated by both parties shall participate in the acceptance and jointly sign the acceptance report.

Installation, commissioning and training

1. After the installation and commissioning of domestic customers’ equipment, Party B shall carry out technical handover, operation and maintenance to Party A’s operators and equipment maintenance personnel

The equipment can be operated and used only after the training is qualified;

2. The Seller shall provide training for relevant personnel of the buyer free of charge. The contents include:

(1) Mechanical assembly training the training of mechanical personnel for the assembly and maintenance of equipment, usually

During mechanical assembly, the buyer shall send engineers to the manufacturing plant to master the basic specifications, composition contents, characteristics, etc;

(2) Use and maintenance training (such as the maintenance and use training of key components – ultrasonic, etc.);

(3) Mass production training: training on handling various problems in the process of mass production. Usually the seller’s personnel are at the buyer’s site

One week operation follow-up training, including normal use of equipment, maintenance, fault analysis and elimination, operation safety and emergency handling procedures.

3. Provide remote technical service support for foreign customers during the epidemic period.

4. After the epidemic, we can provide on-site technical support and training.

Equipment quality assurance and after sales service

1. The warranty period of the equipment is 12 months from the date of formal acceptance of the equipment. In case of failure caused by our company’s responsibility, our company will guarantee and send the parts free of charge.

2. Within five years after the expiration of the warranty period, the Seller shall still be responsible for the repair and maintenance of the equipment, but only reasonable working hours and reasonable transportation expenses shall be charged. In case of replacement and purchase of equipment related accessories, the Seller shall only charge the cost of accessories. When Party A

After the failure notification, Party B shall implement the warranty obligation, respond within 8 hours, and give solutions within 24 hours, so as to reduce the loss of Party A. If other accessories are needed for maintenance, Party B shall assist in purchasing, installation and debugging, and the problem shall be solved within 48 hours. (foreign customers adjust according to objective conditions)

3. In order to ensure the capacity and quality of the device, please comply with the specification requirements of parts and materials.

4. In case of performance and function failure caused by the contents not predicted in this specification, the handling method shall be determined through negotiation.

5. During maintenance and troubleshooting, when touching the device by hand, the power source such as power supply must be cut off, and the blade and protuberance should be covered before implementation.

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