Doctor cap-manufacturing machine

Doctor cap-manufacturing machine

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Automatic medical cap making machine is made of aluminum alloy frame is lighter and firmer.This machine can weld mask earrings. The fully automatic medical cap making machine is a machine that automatically produces direct-formed medical caps.

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Full automatic medical cap making machine (also known as doctor cap - manufacturing machine), with aluminum alloy frame structure, strong and durable.
The automatic medical cap making machine is a kind of machine which can automatically produce directly formed medical cap.

1. Variable frequency speed regulation.
2. Feed the finished product immediately.
3. Automatic control.
4. High-power ultrasonic welding.

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Work flow

Automatic feeding - import - welding - forming and cutting off

Main technical parameters 

Equipment size 8300mm*900mm*1650mm(L*H*W)
speed 90-130pcs/min
voltage 220v
Product size 350mm
Total power of equipment 5.8kw
Equipment weight 1800kg

Main distribution list

name remark quantity Production to
emptying device  mechanical axis Article 1 China
Adjustable hem stainless steel  two China
carry-over pinch roll postposition Article 1 China
Folding device   Article 1 China
carry-over pinch roll  preposition Article 1 China
shutoff device diffusion knife Article 1 China
Cutter device drum-type  Article 1 China
main motor 1.5KW Article 1 Jiangsu
gear motor  1.5KW Article 1 Jiangsu
transducer 1.5KW Article 1 China
ultrasonic wave  4   China
electric appliance Schneider    China
Body Material 8 channel steel

aluminium alloy


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