30-120 pieces/wet towel production line

30-120 pieces/wet towel production line

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Wet towel material Spurs non-woven fabrics, hot rolled fabrics, etc


Small coil width 210 mm, diameter 1200 mm 




Independent or continuous extraction

Axis setting

16 axis base paper ,2 channels per axis (same paper core)8 axis running 8 axis standby (automatic


20 axis base paper, each axis two (same paper core)10 axis running 10 axis standby (automatic


Main Coiling Shaft 76 mm

Wet towel size

L110-220mm W90-110mm
Expansion dimensions L110-220mm W110-210mm

Packaging materials




Axial diameter

of envelope

76 mm

Axis setting

2 axis labeling (can be operated simultaneously or automatically converted)
Coiling Film Specification Two rolls, maximum 420 mm,350 mm diameter

Packing size

L120-330mm W70-120mm H10-90mm

Label stickers



Transparent stickers, non-transparent stickers

Axis setting

2 axis labeling (can be operated simultaneously or automaticallyconverted)

Label Size

L30-200mm W10-80mm

Hole size

L15-75mm W10-40mm




65-80 packs/min or 5600 tablets/min
Electricity requirements Three phases and five lines. AC220/380V,50/60HZ

Gas source


0.6-0.8 Mpa

Machine size

L24000mm W2000mm H2100mm

L26000mm W2000mm H2100mm

Total weight

About KG 9000

About 10000 KG


man-machine interface

10 inch, display machine real-time speed, Chinese and English interface 

what can we provide?

(1) Technical services

1.provide free consulting services to help clients develop and analyse project feasibility;
2.we provide all kinds of information about products for customer reference;
3.we provide design, installation drawings and production information according to the actual situation of customers;
4.we will inform the type of raw materials required for production, technical specifications, suppliers and reference prices;we will advise customers on common equipment problems;
5.we can send technicians to your company to install and debug equipment.

(2) After-sales service

1.machine will be in our company commissioning, until customer satisfaction before delivery;
2.the machine is first debugged in the customer company, our technicians will train 
the customer's technicians in theory and practice until they master the operation skills;
3.after the machine is shipped to the customer's factory, we can send technicians to the customer's factory to install and debug the machine and train the machine operator continuously until the machine starts to operate;
4.during the one-year warranty period, if the machine is not damaged by human factors, we are responsible for the maintenance or replacement of accessories;
5.during the warranty period, if the machine has any problems, we will provide a plan and solve the problem as quickly as possible to help customers resume production as soon as possible;

6.After warranty period, we only charge maintenance cost for three years;
7.other after-sale terms may be signed after friendly negotiation between the buyer and the seller.

Product classification

●Single wet towel machine on four sides
●Back-sealed single wipes machine
●1-5 pieces/pack full automatic back sealing wipes
●1-10 pieces/pack automatic back sealing wipes
●5-30 tablets/pack full automatic wipes
●30-120/100% autom atic large mother roll wet towel production line
●Production line of 30-120/100 automatic single roll wet towel machine
●Automatic Cover Adhesive Machine
●Automatic Packing Machine
●Automatic palletizer

Production process

Master coil into support → automatic unwinding → automatic tension → folding → synchronous feeding → quantitative humidification → length cut off, stacking → synchronous conveying → automatic hole cutting → automatic labeling, automatic packaging → heat seal cutting, automatic exhaust → finished product


About us

ICT is a 20 years specializing in machinery and equipment production and import and export companies. The company specializes in the export of automated products, the spirit of "quality first, customer first, win-win cooperation" business philosophy, the main products have mask machine, packaging machine, wet wipe machine, shoe sleeve machine, sleeve machine, doctor hat machine and other health protection machinery, the company constantly improve the quality management system. Professional teamwork, perfect service, good quality of goods, so that the company enjoys a good reputation and performance in the industry, but also make the company has strong product development capabilities and international market competitiveness. 

Quality control

Our equipment has CE certification and technology patent application,and has many years of equipment export experience.The equipment has been safely exported to many countries and regions.We support live factory video broadcasting during special periods.


We are a company with machining ability and technical team.Every step of the equipment from fittings to finished products has strict standards,thus ensuring the quality of the equipment.

Customer site

Our group has advanced technology, professional R&D team and perfect sales service system.Besides, we possess several patents and domestically-leading technologies.Our advanced equipment have been currently exported to USA, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Malta, Hungary, Australia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Dubai etc.

Accepted Delivery Terms FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, FAS, CIP, FCA, CPT, DEQ, DDP, DDU,Express Delivery, DAF, DES
Accepted PaymentCurrency USD,EUR,JPY,CAD,AUD,HKD,GBP,CNY,CHF
Accepted Payment Type T/T,L/C,D/P D/A,MoneyGram,Credit Card,PayPal,WesternUnion,Cash,Escrow
Nearest Port Qingdao,Shanghai,Tianjin

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